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Maze Runner Movie Review

Maze Runner is another film based off a young adult novel, however this film stands apart as Maze Runner has a far more interesting feel to it with great suspense and characters.

My Maze Runner Review looks at cinematography in particular as the Maze is almost a character itself and looks amazing on screen. Overall your going to find Maze Runner a joy to watch and I may review the books in the future as well, this film has certainly made me want to read them.

Maze Runner may draw a fair few comparisons to the Hunger Games, Divergent and Harry Potter, but it has its own unique twist so go and see it!


200th Video – Question and Answer Time

So I posted my 200th Video on Youtube and to celebrate I asked people to ask me questions, about anything… the selection I got was quite interesting.. have a look and see for yourself.

Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective Review

Final Fantasy XIII might be the most hated Final Fantasy game in a long time. However Final Fantasy XIII does have a few good ideas and fantastic game play.

In this retrospective review I look at the game with the whole Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga in mind as well as the localisation changes that were made and highly unnecessary.

Do I think Final Fantasy XIII is a bad game.. No, but it has issues, thankfully like I said in my Final Fantasy XIII-2 review, Square Enix do address some of these issues in later games

300 Rise of an Empire Review

It didn’t seem like anyone perticulary wanted a sequel to 300, well now we have one and in all honesty its actually pretty good and actually develops the world around Leonidas escapades

Sonic Adventure: The Sonic Retrospective

They tried to block this review!!! They failed! (Its Mortal Kombat btw)

Machinima tried to have this block world wide.. I faught my case and while they still have a third party claim its live for everyone to view! guess they figured even negative press is press

Sonic The Hedgehog Retrospective: Sonic 2

So … Sonic the Hedgehog 2 🙂

Sonic Retrospective – Sonic The Hedgehog

So I’ve started a Sonic the Hedgehog Retrospective… and I’ve cunningly titles this part 1 as it is the first episode and also looks at the first Sonic game of the Genesis and Megadrive.. I know, go figure, right! 🙂

Now there are Let’s Plays :)

A few days ago I posted the first episode of my semi let’s play series ‘Insert Coin.. which while it has a few audio errors can be viewed below.

However it appears some people want to see me attempt a full let’s play series.. and i must admit it does sound like a fun challenge so for everyone that asked… the 9 of you :)’ I’ve decided to give a lets play ago and go back to one game I’ve not played in years and love to bits; Luigi’s Mansion on the Game Cube. Episode 1 is below with episode 2 coming tomorrow and I’ll fit them between other videos as I go on.

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Top 10 Martial Arts Actors

So In looking to get a video out a bit more frequent then every two weeks I’m looking at doing some Top 10 lists and will be promoting a new show later on.. anyway here is first said top 10:


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Why You Should Watch Episode 1: Legend of the Guardians

The show starts! Episode 1 is up for your approval!

Movie1080TitleCard - Legend of the Guardians

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Why You Should Watch… Starts this Friday + Watch Episode 0 now

My new show will be starting this Friday on youtube, I be eternally grateful for anyone wating to subscribe to that, thoguh I’ll be posting every episode on here too.

My first episode will focus on the Legend of the Guardians film with games and tokusatsu to come.
See the Youtube Page here:

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Why You Should: Watch/Play (Video Show coming soon)

Hey all,
Today seeing I’m still writing and producing new stuff as I’ve been on holiday for the last 2 weeks I want to at least show something so Here’s my logo’s and banner for my show that I’ll be finishing up the first couple of episodes over the next few weeks around work and my other reviews.

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