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Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

That awesome Final Fantasy game you wanted but never cam out in English, it’s coming next year but I thought’d I’d take a look at the original version to see what the original Type-0 was like to play.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a very daring game, aesthetically nothing like any previous game, a third person tactical JRPG with a few inspirations taken from Final Fantasy VIII. It’s a huge, but rather hard game that tales a fair amount of getting used to, especially the controls.

This Final Fantasy Type-0 Review is one of the longest Fresh Perspective Reviews I’ve done in a while.. but it is a big game!


Next Gen Wars: A New Hope… for games :) (The Fresh Perspective #43)

So I’ve had a good amount of hands of time with all 3 next gen consoles.. I’m sure you’ll only watch this for two of them but lets talk about all 3! Who’s winning and why its not worth coming to conclusions for a good while yet over them:

Top 25 Games this Generation 10 – 1 (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii)

The second and final part of my top 25 countdown

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