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200th Video – Question and Answer Time

So I posted my 200th Video on Youtube and to celebrate I asked people to ask me questions, about anything… the selection I got was quite interesting.. have a look and see for yourself.


Bloody Streets and Triera Indie Game Reviews

Being sent a rather diverse and expansive amount of games from developers looking for reviews it’s impossible to cover every game that gets sent in. However Shorter videos like this allow for a series of small but awesomely fun games to be discussed! The first of which are the Super Smash TV like game Bloody Streets and Triera; a heavily addictive and challenging platformer

300 Rise of an Empire Review

It didn’t seem like anyone perticulary wanted a sequel to 300, well now we have one and in all honesty its actually pretty good and actually develops the world around Leonidas escapades

Sonic Adventure: The Sonic Retrospective

Top 10: Video Game Music Tracks

So I present a very biased list of tracks that make my top 10 video game music tracks (so no songs with lyrics)


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Tales of Xillia Review (Fresh Perspective #23)

Malicious Review (The Fresh Perspective)

TheFreshPerspctiveGameCard - Malicious
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Sonic Retrospective – Sonic The Hedgehog

So I’ve started a Sonic the Hedgehog Retrospective… and I’ve cunningly titles this part 1 as it is the first episode and also looks at the first Sonic game of the Genesis and Megadrive.. I know, go figure, right! 🙂

Iron Man 3 Review

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FP Review: The Croods

The Darkening Dream: Fresh Perspective

I’m taking the video review style to a book this week.. the long promised review of Andy Gavin’s The Darkening Dream… long story short; it’s awesome… long story… watch this video

Why You Should: Play #4: The Lion King

Hey, New WYSP Episode!

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt

Top 10 Martial Arts Actors

So In looking to get a video out a bit more frequent then every two weeks I’m looking at doing some Top 10 lists and will be promoting a new show later on.. anyway here is first said top 10:


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Why You Should: Play: #2. Metroid Prime

Episode 2 and the first episode looking at video games; it’s Why You Should Play; Metroid Prime
Games1080TitleCard - Metroid Prime

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Why You Should Watch Episode 1: Legend of the Guardians

The show starts! Episode 1 is up for your approval!

Movie1080TitleCard - Legend of the Guardians

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