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Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

That awesome Final Fantasy game you wanted but never cam out in English, it’s coming next year but I thought’d I’d take a look at the original version to see what the original Type-0 was like to play.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a very daring game, aesthetically nothing like any previous game, a third person tactical JRPG with a few inspirations taken from Final Fantasy VIII. It’s a huge, but rather hard game that tales a fair amount of getting used to, especially the controls.

This Final Fantasy Type-0 Review is one of the longest Fresh Perspective Reviews I’ve done in a while.. but it is a big game!


Tales of Hearts R Review

The latest Tales of games to arrive to the western audiences is an enhanced remake of the original Tales of Hearts DS, with a new engine, graphics,game play and characters. I didn’t import this one so I had to wait a while to review it.

However its still unfortunatly a flawed game, especially with its animation and feels more like a PSP game with enhanced controls and not a fresh Vita game.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD Review [Xbox One]

Pier Solar comes to HD on Xbox One.. originally a 2010 Mega Drive / Genesis game and Dreamcast game this update certainly looks the part, but does Pier Solar HD do more then just a visual upgrade?

Pier Solar on Xbox One plays ok.. save for the controller that isn’t really made for constant d-pad use, it’s feels just like a retro RPG, from difficulty to length.. there plenty here to see!

The Marvellous Miss Take Review

The Marvellous Miss Take does what few games are currently doing, putting a strong female in the lead roll. Though you’ll see a fair few inspirations from Lara Croft and the gameplay is clearly inspired by the early Metal Gear Solid games.

The Marvellous Miss Take is a stunning little game that plays well, though perhaps under-developed on the story side as well as perhaps taking a marvelous miss step in not having a much humor as they perhaps could have in a game such as this… it could have easily been an amazing parody game.

Nosgoth beta Review

Legacy of Kain returns but maybe not how you expected. The realm of Nosgoth gives way to epic online multiplayer battles, far removed from the adventures of Raziel and Kain.

In review however Nosgoth is actually a very fun experiece to play, the need to co ordinate is paramount and going this game alone will make you suffer in constant death.

Nosgoth isn’t quite there yet as a game however I like where it is now and can’t wait to see it how it evolves from here.

Chroma Squad Beta Review

Chroma Squad is the kickstarter tactical game based around running your own studio making a knockoff super sentai/power ranger themed show, and here’s a review the Beta released to backers.

Chroma Squad is a fun little game within a game that successfully parody’s power rangers, super sentai and other tokusatsu shows like kamen rider while being open enough that you don’t have to be a fan them yourselves to enjoy it.

Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Review

Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is a brilliant, if hard anime to watch. Following Erin Yeager and his dreams of killing all the Titans that have plague mankind.

The Attack on Titan Anime is graphic and brutal and this review doesn’t hold back on showing how graphic it can be, though the footage will be out of context so I highly suggest giving Attack on Titan the anime a proper watch.

Maze Runner Movie Review

Maze Runner is another film based off a young adult novel, however this film stands apart as Maze Runner has a far more interesting feel to it with great suspense and characters.

My Maze Runner Review looks at cinematography in particular as the Maze is almost a character itself and looks amazing on screen. Overall your going to find Maze Runner a joy to watch and I may review the books in the future as well, this film has certainly made me want to read them.

Maze Runner may draw a fair few comparisons to the Hunger Games, Divergent and Harry Potter, but it has its own unique twist so go and see it!

Next up… Brave, Phantasy Star Online 2, Sweet Fever, Samurai’s and more

So it’s been a busy two weeks as I’ve finally hit the point where i’m being ofered review copies thinsg to review or having people contact me and ask me to take a look at their work. So to that end i’ll be dedicating the next few weeks to them after I’ve cleared up my PSO2 review and this weeks Brave review.

So if you’ve not guessed from the title here’s whats coming up with links to them to watch or buy depending on what they are…

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The Darkening Dream:

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10,000 strong!

Earlier today I hit 10,000 views so i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has read and watched my work and I hope you all continue to enjoy it!!!


Volcano High

Volcano High has a troubled history; famed for a rather harsh and horrid (yet funny as hell, if for the wrong reasons) from being dubbed over by a bunch of rap artists; courtesy of MTV, in a rather badly cut mess. However that isn’t going to be the subject of this review. I’m looking at the original full cut of the film that was released in Korea. Not the highly cut and edited MTV version of the UK cut (which fairs alot better)


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Dark Souls

It may be a long time coming but it’s time to talk about Dark Souls. Its been out a while now and getting a PC release soon too so lets discuss it properly…


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Command and Conquer Alliances Gameplay

So I found myself getting and invite to play the BETA of the new browser-based Command and Conquer Alliances game.

Ironically after paying around for a few hours i decided to make a video showing some of the features of the game. It plays more like a tower defence game with more strategy game like elements which makes it quite interesting. As an old school C&C fan I decided to give it a go and see how the series has changed with Tiberium Wars being the last entry in the franchise I devoted serious time to.

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WATCH: Uncharted: The Movies

So earlier Morphinapg of Reddit took apart the 3 Uncharted games and made then into movies for your enjoyment. There’s game play included when exposition is spouted of but otherwise its pretty well done, akin to the Shenmue movie that was released with the Xbox version of Shenmue 2.

So here are the movies for your enjoyment and here’s a link to the original post (Original Post)

Oh I have no current plans to review the Uncharted games but so you know my opinion on them I’ll quickly sum up the my thoughts. The Uncharted games are to date one of the best examples of scripted and cinematic game play that provides fantastic action and set pieces with well-rounded fun characters voiced and acted by an exceptionally talented cast… Its Nolan North so nuff said!

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5000 visitors… normal service will resume next week.

Hey everyone,

I know I’ve been quiet but I’ll be back again this week starting with Dark Souls and possibly I’ll also show off some gameplay footage of the new Command and Conquer online game as I’ve been playing the BETA.

Also I hit 5000 views over night last night which is awesome.. average views has shot up since Easter and I hope everyone will continue to read on and enjoy everything.


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