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Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

That awesome Final Fantasy game you wanted but never cam out in English, it’s coming next year but I thought’d I’d take a look at the original version to see what the original Type-0 was like to play.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a very daring game, aesthetically nothing like any previous game, a third person tactical JRPG with a few inspirations taken from Final Fantasy VIII. It’s a huge, but rather hard game that tales a fair amount of getting used to, especially the controls.

This Final Fantasy Type-0 Review is one of the longest Fresh Perspective Reviews I’ve done in a while.. but it is a big game!


The Order 1886 and the 24 FPS Effect

With the big next gen discussion generally focusing on 60FPS, 1080p gaming it’s worth taking the time to look at what The Order 1886 is doing by choosing to go the film root and how its approach is just as next gen as anything else doubling its frame rate.

Next Gen Wars: A New Hope… for games :) (The Fresh Perspective #43)

So I’ve had a good amount of hands of time with all 3 next gen consoles.. I’m sure you’ll only watch this for two of them but lets talk about all 3! Who’s winning and why its not worth coming to conclusions for a good while yet over them:

Top 25 Games this Generation 10 – 1 (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii)

The second and final part of my top 25 countdown

Top 25 Games this Generation Part 1: 25-11

So the new generation is upon us.. but have you seen the best of this generation has to offer yet? Well watch this countdown and see for yourself! have you played all these yet because if not, your really missing out!

Rime = Next Gen

The WiiU and Nintendo; Past, Present and Future

Why I’ve chosen the PS4 (The Fresh Perspective #26)

The Playstation Vita, in Retrospect (The Fresh Perspective #20)

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