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Fairy Fencer F Review

Another JRPG that’s been out in Japan a while and comes out here in a few days. We already know its getting a sequel, but does the game deserve it? Im short yes.. it’s pretty much what Bravely Default is to Final Fantasy for the Tales of games.


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection Review

Continuing import month… which is about to enter it’s third month I bring you the forthcoming Final Fantasy X HD collection. Going above and beyond the standard HD fair to add in a plethora of new content to make the ultimate FFX related collection.

TheFreshPerspctiveGamesCard - FFXHD

David Ryatta

Top 25 Games this Generation 10 – 1 (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii)

The second and final part of my top 25 countdown

Top 25 Games this Generation Part 1: 25-11

So the new generation is upon us.. but have you seen the best of this generation has to offer yet? Well watch this countdown and see for yourself! have you played all these yet because if not, your really missing out!

Why You Should Play #15: CastleVania Symphony of the Night

Tales of Xillia 2 Import Review (The Fresh Perspective #27)

TheFreshPerspctiveGamesCard - Tales of Xillia 2

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Tales of Xillia Review (Fresh Perspective #23)

Why You Should Play: The Last Of Us

Games1080TitleCard - Last of Us

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Malicious Review (The Fresh Perspective)

TheFreshPerspctiveGameCard - Malicious
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A Shamless Plus… though I”m not feeling that shameful :)


So now you might have noticed an increase in video content on the site… and indeed I am switching to video content for the most part for the future…

for that reason you might wan’t to consider subscribing to my youtube channel as well as this site as I’ll be posting far more videos there then here for not everything comes under the category of review..

Go check it out and subscribe 🙂 My Youtube Page

DmC Devil May Cry: Fresh Perspective

So after giving the game a try I had to do a video on it with my thoughts seeing the massive backlash the game is getting from long time series fans and in the sales charts alike… This is a quality game from Ninja Theory!

FreshPerspctiveTitleCard - DmC
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Yellow light of Death rears its ugly head for my PS3

Two days ago I lost my original 60gb PS3 to the dreded Yellow light of death and while thinking about funeral preperations I decided to look a little into UK (where I am) customer rights and found out that theres still a way to get it repaired for free, even if you don’t have a current warrenty.


According to UK customer Quality Goods law items you buy have to hold up to a certain standard covering a term of the first 6 years after punchase. While you can’t do much about this over Sony’s helpline as they aren’t required to honour it you can take it back to the original shop you bourgth it from and make them fix it.

You’ll need proof the fault is design and not something you did and prof of punchase then they have 14 days by law to accept and replace/fix the PS3 or refund you. Or you can pay for it yourself and take them to the small claims court to get the money back.

With the PS3 being released in Jan 7, 2007 in th UK there isn’t a single console thats 6 years old yet so anyone with this problem can still get it fixed free of charge!

Now one final thing… my original PS1 still works after all these years… says it all abotu the quality of todays manufacturing!

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt
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Jet Set Radio HD

You know… That Dreamcast game that had the most weird and wonderful soundtrack you’ve ever herd.. Yeah it’s back in HD and its as bright and colourful as ever!


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The Art of CutScenes

Back after a little hiatus again to bring you in in depth look at how cut scenes are made. This little article is being hosted again by the awesome inMotionGaming website so follow the link and leave your thoughts on it.

—The Art of CutScenes—

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Dark Souls

It may be a long time coming but it’s time to talk about Dark Souls. Its been out a while now and getting a PC release soon too so lets discuss it properly…


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