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The Marvellous Miss Take Review

The Marvellous Miss Take does what few games are currently doing, putting a strong female in the lead roll. Though you’ll see a fair few inspirations from Lara Croft and the gameplay is clearly inspired by the early Metal Gear Solid games.

The Marvellous Miss Take is a stunning little game that plays well, though perhaps under-developed on the story side as well as perhaps taking a marvelous miss step in not having a much humor as they perhaps could have in a game such as this… it could have easily been an amazing parody game.


A Shamless Plus… though I”m not feeling that shameful :)


So now you might have noticed an increase in video content on the site… and indeed I am switching to video content for the most part for the future…

for that reason you might wan’t to consider subscribing to my youtube channel as well as this site as I’ll be posting far more videos there then here for not everything comes under the category of review..

Go check it out and subscribe 🙂 My Youtube Page

DmC Devil May Cry: Fresh Perspective

So after giving the game a try I had to do a video on it with my thoughts seeing the massive backlash the game is getting from long time series fans and in the sales charts alike… This is a quality game from Ninja Theory!

FreshPerspctiveTitleCard - DmC
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My Thoughts on Phantasy Star Online 2

A little commentary I put together while I was recording footage for my review for inMotionGaming. I wanted to talk about about more then just the game but the series as a whole and how this game has evolved concepts used in the previous games.

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Tactical intervention: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 4

OK now for the 4th and final (for now) of the First Looks from inMotion Gaming. Take a look at Tactical Intervention

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Clones: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 3

Carring on the trend of first looks this time were looking at Clones, on my review side you have Kiba Gaiden to look forward to coming soon!

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Tribes Ascend: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 1

So I’m adding videos from inMotion Gaming now as a site I write for and because they game related content produced for the site is very well done so today i present the First Look series starting from Episode 1 which covers Tribes Ascend:

Created by inMotion Gaming.

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Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Today I’m looking at Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, the 3 game in a currently abandoned series by CAPCOM. Onimusha is a great series that just unfortunately never made the sales to keep new games coming out. While not an RPG either, the earlier titles having more in common with Resident Evil games, they do incorporate more RPG elements as the series goes on enough to warrant reviewing as well as the poor sales leading to an under appreciated series that needs more attention.

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My First Season

Hi everyone,

So I’ve got my first handful of reviews up, hope you you’ve liked what you have read so far. I’ll get the others up over the next few days which will get the site up to date. So look forward to a few more reviews soon; first of will be Onimusha 3: Demon Siege.

Here’s a look at what’s coming over over the next few weeks which will conclude my first season of reviews:

Forbidden Kingdom (Review of the fantasy epic starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li)

  • Kamen Rider W Returns: Accel (My first Tokusatsu Review of the Kamen Rider W spin off)
  • LXD Season 1 ( a two part look at the first season of the web series)
  • Too Human (The “years in development” critical failure for the Xbox 360 from Silicon Knights)
  • Crying Freeman (Film adaption of the anime, starring Mark Decascos)

Thats what you have to look forward to, and I’m always looking for suggestions for what comes up next, I’ve already made half the list.

In the mean time if you want to see more from me visit my TGWTG profile here:


Mass Effect 2 DLC: Arrival

Anyway Arrival is the final DLC released for Mass Effect 2 and supposed to the start of the bridging between Mass Effect 2 and 3, along with various other spin off media. After the bucket load of awesome that was the Lair of the Shadow Broker everyone was expecting excellence in all areas, and does it deliver something unforgettable? Ultimately…  No.

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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Lair of the Shadow Broker

I don’t think it’s a huge leap to say that the Lair of the Shadow Broker is the crowning jewel of the Mass Effect 2 DLC released so far. It gives a big expansion to the Shadow Broker, a character, like the Illusive Man from the first game who was a major plot point early in the game and follows on from dialog Shepard and Liara have in ME2.











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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Overlord

So… Mass Effect 2, played it? I have now several times, and a recent replay on the game from start to finish over Christmas gave me a completely different view then what I had before.

I’ll cover what I consider the main 3 DLC packs; Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival. I don’t count Kasumi’s DLC or other Ceberus network packs as there overall impact on the story is minimal.

Worth mentioning beforehand is that I’m playing with a paragon female Shepard.. yes I’m a guy but Jennifer Hale is an awesome voice actor and more people need to play Shepard as female, I also believe her voice serves better for the paragon Shepard… anyway back on point










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