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Fable Legends Thoughts and Review [EGX 2014]

Microsoft was pushing Fable Legends big over the course of EGX, big floor stage shows, demos and merchandise everywhere. The game itself however looks to be quite a departure from the traditional Fable experience; as another spin off its interesting but the big grand adventure is still only being hinted at in favor of showing the multiplayerr co op vs evil player RTS experience.


EGX 2014 Review and Roundup

An overview of EGX and the games that were on display along with what the various companies present were bringing to the event that made it worth your time to check out if you attended.

Next Gen Wars: A New Hope… for games :) (The Fresh Perspective #43)

So I’ve had a good amount of hands of time with all 3 next gen consoles.. I’m sure you’ll only watch this for two of them but lets talk about all 3! Who’s winning and why its not worth coming to conclusions for a good while yet over them:

Why I’ve chosen the PS4 (The Fresh Perspective #26)

Top 5 Moments of E3 2013

So ending the week of E3 coverage I present to you my top 5 moments from the show
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E3 Reactions: Microsoft

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