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A Light In Chorus Thoughts and Review [EGX 2014]

The Leftfield Collection at EGX this year had a notible collection of gems and potential games you should be watching. The best of which is A Light In Chorus, a visual experience at the moment, due to the game being more of an alpha/test demo but potentially a visual mystery style visual experience and journey reminiscent of games like Flower and Proteus.


Bloody Streets and Triera Indie Game Reviews

Being sent a rather diverse and expansive amount of games from developers looking for reviews it’s impossible to cover every game that gets sent in. However Shorter videos like this allow for a series of small but awesomely fun games to be discussed! The first of which are the Super Smash TV like game Bloody Streets and Triera; a heavily addictive and challenging platformer

SanctuaryRPG Review

This free indie game brings you a slice of text adventure RPGs past mixed with clever humor and an ascii art style that makes it more of a modern re invention of the text based game as opposed to a 1980s varient you may or may not be old enough to remember.

Malicious Review (The Fresh Perspective)

TheFreshPerspctiveGameCard - Malicious
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