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Tales of Hearts R Review

The latest Tales of games to arrive to the western audiences is an enhanced remake of the original Tales of Hearts DS, with a new engine, graphics,game play and characters. I didn’t import this one so I had to wait a while to review it.

However its still unfortunatly a flawed game, especially with its animation and feels more like a PSP game with enhanced controls and not a fresh Vita game.


Golden Sun: The Lost Age Review

Taking a look into the sequel to Golden Sun after being released onto the Wii U virtual console a few weeks ago… this is easily a 2 part story so you should play both!

5 Obscure RPG’s You Must Play

Today a new article went up on Old School Apps that I wrote a little while ago, looking at Obscure RPGs that you might not know.. especially if you live outside Japan and the US.

So go and give it a read here, some of these will be covered in more depth in future reviews.

5 Obscure RPGs You Must Play


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