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Nosgoth beta Review

Legacy of Kain returns but maybe not how you expected. The realm of Nosgoth gives way to epic online multiplayer battles, far removed from the adventures of Raziel and Kain.

In review however Nosgoth is actually a very fun experiece to play, the need to co ordinate is paramount and going this game alone will make you suffer in constant death.

Nosgoth isn’t quite there yet as a game however I like where it is now and can’t wait to see it how it evolves from here.


Chroma Squad Beta Review

Chroma Squad is the kickstarter tactical game based around running your own studio making a knockoff super sentai/power ranger themed show, and here’s a review the Beta released to backers.

Chroma Squad is a fun little game within a game that successfully parody’s power rangers, super sentai and other tokusatsu shows like kamen rider while being open enough that you don’t have to be a fan them yourselves to enjoy it.

Randal’s Monday Review

Randal’s Monday is the point and click game developers by new studio Nexus Games tht geeks have been waiting some years for. Termed point and geek by the developers; Randal’s Monday referencs all geek culture and in perticular the Kevin Smith Clerks film series. Jeff Anderson returns to voice a Randal charcter based on the Randal of Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob also appear.

Like traditional point and clink adventure games your looking at a very hard game but with enough love and geek culture packed in your sure to love it!

NS2 Combat Review (Natural Selection 2 Combat)

The Alien Vs Man shooter returns for a sequel and I got given early access to try the game out. Between local and online multiplayer this game s actually quite fun with the tactical options given to you and does bring back memories of old Alien Vs Predator games in its execution but with a more modern experience/class based twist

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Review

Following on from my previous Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix collection review earlier in the year I imported myself a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix.

This collection reviews the included games; Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Also included is a new movie based off the cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded from the Nintendo DS.

Overall its clear that Square Enix are going to continue pushing up the br with their HD collections and I can’t wait for Final Fantasy Type-0 to come out next year!

Why You Shold Play Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

The game that changed it all. This time Why You Should Play delves into Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, a game forever changing the game in what we expect from a modern FPS game. From amazing story to ground breaking multiplayer Modern Warfare did a lot for the industry.

Ahead of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, which is attempting to capture the same passion that MW did let’s explore the game changer in a little detail.

Maze Runner Movie Review

Maze Runner is another film based off a young adult novel, however this film stands apart as Maze Runner has a far more interesting feel to it with great suspense and characters.

My Maze Runner Review looks at cinematography in particular as the Maze is almost a character itself and looks amazing on screen. Overall your going to find Maze Runner a joy to watch and I may review the books in the future as well, this film has certainly made me want to read them.

Maze Runner may draw a fair few comparisons to the Hunger Games, Divergent and Harry Potter, but it has its own unique twist so go and see it!

Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective Review

Final Fantasy XIII might be the most hated Final Fantasy game in a long time. However Final Fantasy XIII does have a few good ideas and fantastic game play.

In this retrospective review I look at the game with the whole Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga in mind as well as the localisation changes that were made and highly unnecessary.

Do I think Final Fantasy XIII is a bad game.. No, but it has issues, thankfully like I said in my Final Fantasy XIII-2 review, Square Enix do address some of these issues in later games

Sonic Adventure 2 (The Sonic Retrospective)

The last Sonic game to appear on a Sega console looked to improve every aspect on from Sonic Adventure. Let’s see how it changed from its Dreamcast debut to its eventual Gamecube upgrade

Tokyo Jungle Review

GARO – Soukoku no Maru Review [Demon Dragon in the Blue Cries]

Why You Should Play #15: CastleVania Symphony of the Night

Rime = Next Gen

Sonic Retrospective – Sonic 3D

Sonic Retrospective - Sonic 3D

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Now there are Let’s Plays :)

A few days ago I posted the first episode of my semi let’s play series ‘Insert Coin.. which while it has a few audio errors can be viewed below.

However it appears some people want to see me attempt a full let’s play series.. and i must admit it does sound like a fun challenge so for everyone that asked… the 9 of you :)’ I’ve decided to give a lets play ago and go back to one game I’ve not played in years and love to bits; Luigi’s Mansion on the Game Cube. Episode 1 is below with episode 2 coming tomorrow and I’ll fit them between other videos as I go on.

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