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Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Review

Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is a brilliant, if hard anime to watch. Following Erin Yeager and his dreams of killing all the Titans that have plague mankind.

The Attack on Titan Anime is graphic and brutal and this review doesn’t hold back on showing how graphic it can be, though the footage will be out of context so I highly suggest giving Attack on Titan the anime a proper watch.


Dragon Drive Series Review

Anime comes to RyattaReviews starting with a review of s classic anime series that could be summer up as a fascinating mix of Digimon and How to Train Your Dragon.

Tales of Xillia 2 Import Review (The Fresh Perspective #27)

TheFreshPerspctiveGamesCard - Tales of Xillia 2

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Power Rangers Super Samurai: #1 Memory Short (Graphic Novel)

So I imagine most of you have recognised my love of Power Rangers by this point, well I was lucky enough to get sent a review copy of Power Rangers Super Samurai: Memory Short from the quite awesome Papercutz. Courtesy of Jesse Post. Anyway it’s a graphic novel based on the show… Let’s take look.

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CamCon 2012 — See you all there!

Hey everyone.

I’ll be attending CamCon tomorrow in Cambridge. Its a full day event covering everything from comics and manga to gaming. Tickets are still available from £10 and cover the whole day, even the 16+ part of the show which is in the evening.

If you can get to Cambridge by for tomorrow then i suggest atending, theres a nice diversity of guests and TGWTG reviewer Benzaie will be there as well so I hopefully see a few of you there!

The CamCon Official Site


Volcano High

Volcano High has a troubled history; famed for a rather harsh and horrid (yet funny as hell, if for the wrong reasons) from being dubbed over by a bunch of rap artists; courtesy of MTV, in a rather badly cut mess. However that isn’t going to be the subject of this review. I’m looking at the original full cut of the film that was released in Korea. Not the highly cut and edited MTV version of the UK cut (which fairs alot better)


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Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Part 2

The mid episodes of the series are a mixed bunch, while some seem to hold them as the worst episodes of the show others view one particular episode to be the best the whole series has to offer. Either way the second 2 parter took the series in a direction most fans didn’t like and hopefully for the coming film will be addressed. You’ll soon see why this is the case and why I happen to believe that the Raiden episode is one of the most beautiful works of drama a short film can be.


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