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The Marvellous Miss Take Review

The Marvellous Miss Take does what few games are currently doing, putting a strong female in the lead roll. Though you’ll see a fair few inspirations from Lara Croft and the gameplay is clearly inspired by the early Metal Gear Solid games.

The Marvellous Miss Take is a stunning little game that plays well, though perhaps under-developed on the story side as well as perhaps taking a marvelous miss step in not having a much humor as they perhaps could have in a game such as this… it could have easily been an amazing parody game.


Dollhouse and Man of Tai Chi review

This week you get a double bill as I’m premiering a new show as well as review a new film.. good times!

DmC Devil May Cry: Fresh Perspective

So after giving the game a try I had to do a video on it with my thoughts seeing the massive backlash the game is getting from long time series fans and in the sales charts alike… This is a quality game from Ninja Theory!

FreshPerspctiveTitleCard - DmC
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Why You Should Watch: Romeo Must Die

Welcome to the new year! I’m approaching the 1 year anniversary of Ryatta Reviews but for now; a new episode of Why You Should Watch! Enjoy! Now if Warner Brothers would stop copyrighting my videos!!! Have they not herd of the fair use act?

Movie1080TitleCard - Romeo Must Die

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Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Part 2

The mid episodes of the series are a mixed bunch, while some seem to hold them as the worst episodes of the show others view one particular episode to be the best the whole series has to offer. Either way the second 2 parter took the series in a direction most fans didn’t like and hopefully for the coming film will be addressed. You’ll soon see why this is the case and why I happen to believe that the Raiden episode is one of the most beautiful works of drama a short film can be.


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Kung Fu Panda 2

Now I may have mentioned this before but I’m an animator; I love animation in all forms and yet I’ve not managed to review an animated film yet… probably because I generally focus on action films but all that changes today with Kung Fu Panda 2; it’s animated, its action packed and its Dream Works… but is it any good?
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Kamen Rider W Returns: Accel

Now a lot of people aren’t going to be familiar with this film choice. The Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider W (Double) had been a great success after the rather horrid Rider season that preceded it. It did so well in fact that the titular character appeared in a number of Rider films in cross over, as well as having their own films. However Toei decided to have two direct to DVD, or V Cinemas about the secondary Rider of the series Kamen Rider Accel and the villain of the movie Kamen Rider Eternal, but today’s subject is just the first one:

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Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Today I’m looking at Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, the 3 game in a currently abandoned series by CAPCOM. Onimusha is a great series that just unfortunately never made the sales to keep new games coming out. While not an RPG either, the earlier titles having more in common with Resident Evil games, they do incorporate more RPG elements as the series goes on enough to warrant reviewing as well as the poor sales leading to an under appreciated series that needs more attention.

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