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Dark Cloud 2/Chronicle Review [WhyYouShouldPlay]

So this is it.. after 11 days straight of new videos the finale is one of the PS2’s most beloved RPGs Dark Chronicle or Dark Cloud 2. Its a new format to the show but overall it leads to a much nice presentation and more in depth review overall… so make sure you subscribe and leave a comment or crit


Resident Evil 6 OverAnalyzed Part 2

The second in the 3 part series exploring Resident Evil 6 in detail by a group of reviewers. This part focuses on 3 of the 4 campaigns, the multiplayer and online elements of the game.

Why You Should Watch: The LXD

It’s that time again when I tell you what to watch 😛 so go watch the LXD.. you may remember an old text review on this site for season one… this video covers all 3 seasons and much more!

Dark Souls Review (Featuring Arrazzan)

Why You Should Play #15: CastleVania Symphony of the Night

Top 10: Video Game Music Tracks

So I present a very biased list of tracks that make my top 10 video game music tracks (so no songs with lyrics)


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Why You Should Play #12 Blast Corps

Why You Should Play: The Last Of Us

Games1080TitleCard - Last of Us

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Why You Should Play: Thomas Was Alone

Games1080TitleCard - Thomas Was Alone

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Why You Should Play on GameTrailers

So in an effort to snag a little more attention to my youtube page I added my first games episode Why You Should Play: Metroid Prime to the user movies section on the site… It quickly got picked as the user movie of the week and became featured on the front page for the site.
Metroid Front Page

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Why You Should Play: Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

Games1080TitleCard - Soul Reaver


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Why You Should Watch: Power Rangers RPM

Why You Should: Play #4: The Lion King

Hey, New WYSP Episode!

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt

Why You Should Watch: Romeo Must Die

Welcome to the new year! I’m approaching the 1 year anniversary of Ryatta Reviews but for now; a new episode of Why You Should Watch! Enjoy! Now if Warner Brothers would stop copyrighting my videos!!! Have they not herd of the fair use act?

Movie1080TitleCard - Romeo Must Die

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Why You Should: Play: #2. Metroid Prime

Episode 2 and the first episode looking at video games; it’s Why You Should Play; Metroid Prime
Games1080TitleCard - Metroid Prime

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