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Sonic Adventure 2 (The Sonic Retrospective)

The last Sonic game to appear on a Sega console looked to improve every aspect on from Sonic Adventure. Let’s see how it changed from its Dreamcast debut to its eventual Gamecube upgrade

Sonic Adventure: The Sonic Retrospective

Sonic Retrospective – Sonic 3D

Sonic Retrospective - Sonic 3D

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Sonic & Knuckles: The Sonic Retrospective

Part 5 of my series.. and the concluesion to the best megadrive series

The Sonic Retrospective – Sonic 3 (Genesis/Mega Drive/PC)

Sonic Retrospective - Sonic 3

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The Sonic Retrospective – Sonic CD

So we now head into spin off games in the sonic retrospective as we look at the origins of amy rose and metal sonic plus the first animated sonic cutscene!

Sonic The Hedgehog Retrospective: Sonic 2

So … Sonic the Hedgehog 2 🙂

Sonic Retrospective – Sonic The Hedgehog

So I’ve started a Sonic the Hedgehog Retrospective… and I’ve cunningly titles this part 1 as it is the first episode and also looks at the first Sonic game of the Genesis and Megadrive.. I know, go figure, right! 🙂

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