The big 50! Hi all of you!

So this blog has been going 2 years and while reviewing by text has long gone.. you can still see them here but I’ve not made a new one or an update post like this in well over a year.

Anyway over time despite only really updating with new video reviews my follower base on this site has slowly grown much quicker then when I just made text reviews. There’s now 50 of you, so hi! I’d love to know who you all our and invite you to say hi in a comment. 

Let me know if you follow my growing youtube channel ( and what you’d like to see me review, talk about or discuss in a future topic or what you think in general as you must be following me for a reason 😀

I look forward to some day having 100 followers.. and also making it to 1000 on youtube, I’m nearing 900 there 🙂

Take care and remember to poke bunnies! 🙂


About Ryatta

So about me... Well when I'm not reviewing things I'm a technical animator working in one of the UKs biggest game studios!

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