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The big 50! Hi all of you!

So this blog has been going 2 years and while reviewing by text has long gone.. you can still see them here but I’ve not made a new one or an update post like this in well over a year.

Anyway over time despite only really updating with new video reviews my follower base on this site has slowly grown much quicker then when I just made text reviews. There’s now 50 of you, so hi! I’d love to know who you all our and invite you to say hi in a comment. 

Let me know if you follow my growing youtube channel ( and what you’d like to see me review, talk about or discuss in a future topic or what you think in general as you must be following me for a reason 😀

I look forward to some day having 100 followers.. and also making it to 1000 on youtube, I’m nearing 900 there 🙂

Take care and remember to poke bunnies! 🙂

Why You Should Play: Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

This months episode of Why You Should Play looks at the most recent Sega kart racing game and how it stands up in relation to a certain Red Plumbers most recent outing in the kart racing circuit.

Super Splatters Review

The Splatters gets updated from XBLA to Steam to become Super Splatters, and today it gets reviews. Also leave a comment on the video for a chance to WIN a copy of the game

Gaming Horror and Silent Hills

In the wake of the PT/Silent Hills demo let’s have a discussion on horror in gaming why PT is so effective as a horror experience.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Review

Taking a look into the sequel to Golden Sun after being released onto the Wii U virtual console a few weeks ago… this is easily a 2 part story so you should play both!

Heisei Vs Showa: Kamen Rider Taisen featuring Super Sentai Review

The Rider film to end all Rider films.. legends return… and their original actors with them in a rather awesome film!

Dragon Drive Series Review

Anime comes to RyattaReviews starting with a review of s classic anime series that could be summer up as a fascinating mix of Digimon and How to Train Your Dragon.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Don’t let my comments fool you; I LOVED this film, but its not perfect so lets go into a few areas people seem to be not talking about for this review

SanctuaryRPG Review

This free indie game brings you a slice of text adventure RPGs past mixed with clever humor and an ascii art style that makes it more of a modern re invention of the text based game as opposed to a 1980s varient you may or may not be old enough to remember.

Super Smash Brothers Wii U/ 3DS Demo Review

Finishing the week of coverage with a review of the Smash Brothers Demo, playable on the show floor on both 3DS and Wii U… with liberal application of Gamecube controllers!

Hyrule Warriors Demo Review and Thoughts

Today we review the playable show floor demo for Hyrule Warriors from Hyper Japan 2014 and discuss how far the game has come since the initial reveal of the game.

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