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Sonic Boom Demo Review and Impressions

So after getting a chance to play through the Hyper Japan show floor demo does this new Sonic gave live up to the franchise or is it shaping up to be a forgettable entry in the franchise… it’s possibly somewhere in the middle with more borrowed game play like Lost World before it

The Games of Hyper Japan [Hyper Japan 2014]

After the tour of the event here’ s more focused video exploring the games section and the exhibitors at Hyper Japan. Its mostly dominated by Namco Bandai and Nintendo but a few other games were also on show, as well as a nice little retro and arcade section.

Exploring Hyper Japan 2014

Starting off a week’s covering of London’s Hyper Japan event for 2014, today is a general tour of the sites around the events, the games, food, shows and technology on display.

Dark Cloud 2/Chronicle Review [WhyYouShouldPlay]

So this is it.. after 11 days straight of new videos the finale is one of the PS2’s most beloved RPGs Dark Chronicle or Dark Cloud 2. Its a new format to the show but overall it leads to a much nice presentation and more in depth review overall… so make sure you subscribe and leave a comment or crit


Final Fantasy XII Review

Final Fantasy 12 ended up become my favorite FF game, taking a very divisive step from the traditional aspects of storytelling and game play it becomes unique. It’s an acquired taste for sure, but in many ways an excellent game

Kamen Rider W Returns Accel Review

The third FP review of the week takes us back into tokusatsu territory; in perticular the V-Cinema spin off of the Kamen Rider W series focusing on the secondary rider Accel after he’s framed for attempted murder and hunted down

Sonic Lost World Review [The Fresh Perspective]

The show has gone through a bit of a reboot, so aside from looking prettier this new review style should be much more informative over all! So enjoy Sonic Lost World!

Resident Evil 6 OverAnalyzed Part 2

The second in the 3 part series exploring Resident Evil 6 in detail by a group of reviewers. This part focuses on 3 of the 4 campaigns, the multiplayer and online elements of the game.

Resident Evil 6 OverAnalyzed!

The original idea for this game was to cover it as a regular review, however with opinions being so diverse and the game having so many aspects with the multiple campaigns, multi player and the general hate in regards to the lack of the horror element that RE games are famous for the video was expanded. So now for a chance of pace this analysis of Resident Evil 6 is brought to you from 7 different you tubers across a 3 part video, with various reasons why they hate or love the game.

The Order 1886 and the 24 FPS Effect

With the big next gen discussion generally focusing on 60FPS, 1080p gaming it’s worth taking the time to look at what The Order 1886 is doing by choosing to go the film root and how its approach is just as next gen as anything else doubling its frame rate.

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