Monthly Archives: June 2014

Discussing Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 1&2

As opposed to a review I thought’d I’d discuss my fondness for the Digital Devil Saga games, especially over other SMt games that others seem to prefer. You might end up wanting to play them yourselves

Chef Movie Video Review

Jon Favreau’s latest film is about to hit UK release. But is this wort going to see? Well to sum it up the film is excellent but the actual cast might surprise you a little

Post-E3 2014 Press Conference Reviews

E3 2014 is now behind us, so with a little time for reflection let’s go though that major press conferences and see the highs and lows of the events


Watch Dogs Video Review

What happens when game becomes the entire poster child of a new generation of gaming? You get Watch Dogs

Mario Kart 8 Video Review

Now you have a reason to get a Wii U.. well only if you like pretty well made racing games for everyone.. its not perfect but its fun

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