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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Review

My videos on Tales have become some of my most popular ones to date.. so I though I’d get a hold of the NTSC-J version on chronicles for an all new import review! This Chronicles contain the two Tales of Symphonia games, one from the Gamecube and one from the Wii remastered in HD


Next Gen Wars: A New Hope… for games :) (The Fresh Perspective #43)

So I’ve had a good amount of hands of time with all 3 next gen consoles.. I’m sure you’ll only watch this for two of them but lets talk about all 3! Who’s winning and why its not worth coming to conclusions for a good while yet over them:

Dragon’s Dogma Ending and Post Game Story (Talking Spoilers #2)

So let’s take a look at the meta game for Dragon’s Dogma… a 2 hour portion of game play that outshines the entire main game in both game play and story!… and what a story… i mean how did anyone not think this should have been the main games ending

Top 10 Movies of 2013

Sooo what were the best films of last year… well as with most things my choices are not likely to be yours. Also to avoid oncoming arguments I’ve not yet seen Thor 2, Gravity or 12 Years a Slave which apparently are all worthy of Top 10 lists placements.

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