Monthly Archives: December 2013

How to Avoid Youtubes Content ID system

so a merry christmas to you all.. because all youtubers hated their early present from google this year!

Why You Should Watch: The LXD

It’s that time again when I tell you what to watch 😛 so go watch the LXD.. you may remember an old text review on this site for season one… this video covers all 3 seasons and much more!

Dollhouse and Man of Tai Chi review

This week you get a double bill as I’m premiering a new show as well as review a new film.. good times!

Awards Not Included: The VGX Video Game Awards Review

So the VGX’s were pretty terrible, but some of what that show contained is almost unforgivable… what have they don and why are they representing gamer’s with content like this! 



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