Monthly Archives: October 2013

My First Competition – Physical Games, Figures and Art Books to be won!

My first channel competition, any and everyone can enter and I’d love it if you could share this even if your not planning to enter… yet why would you not?

everyone should enter.. or failing that please at least share the video as much as you can!

Phantasy Star Online 2: A Year On

I made my first video review on PSO2, now it’s getting a follow up after most of the information about the English release of the game needs to be re addressed!

Dark Souls Review (Featuring Arrazzan)

Sonic Adventure: The Sonic Retrospective

Wind Waker HD Review

They tried to block this review!!! They failed! (Its Mortal Kombat btw)

Machinima tried to have this block world wide.. I faught my case and while they still have a third party claim its live for everyone to view! guess they figured even negative press is press

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