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Sonic & Knuckles: The Sonic Retrospective

Part 5 of my series.. and the concluesion to the best megadrive series


Why You Should Play #12 Blast Corps

Be a part of my new series!

I’ve been wanting to do a series taking more opinion split/controversial games and looking at every aspect… however I’m looking for people to share the views on the games as well, recording a few seconds of comments on the various aspects of the game I’m looking at in depth as well as the game as a whole.

The plan is to find many people who both hate and love the game, more importantly however if you have to be able to say why you either like it or hate it. I’m just looking to gain a list of people interested in recording a little bit (so it won’t require a lot of your time)

While I don’t know all the topics I’ll go in depth for yet the first game I intend to cover is Resident Evil 6

for being part of the video I’ll obviously list the names and channels of all of you, as well as display a custom image while your audio is played in the video

soooo… who wants in?

The Playstation Vita, in Retrospect (The Fresh Perspective #20)

The Sonic Retrospective – Sonic 3 (Genesis/Mega Drive/PC)

Sonic Retrospective - Sonic 3

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