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DmC Devil May Cry: Fresh Perspective

So after giving the game a try I had to do a video on it with my thoughts seeing the massive backlash the game is getting from long time series fans and in the sales charts alike… This is a quality game from Ninja Theory!

FreshPerspctiveTitleCard - DmC
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Why You Should: Play #4: The Lion King

Hey, New WYSP Episode!

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt

Another New Show: Fresh Perspective – Life of Pi (also its my 1 year anniversary of RR)

So I have another new show; this time something move movie based again so my content is 50/50 for games. Anyway this show looks at films and games that I’ve just tried for the first time. They won’t always be new releases but it’ll allow me to talk about things I didn’t like that i wouldn’t consider for a Why You Should episode.

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Now there are Let’s Plays :)

A few days ago I posted the first episode of my semi let’s play series ‘Insert Coin.. which while it has a few audio errors can be viewed below.

However it appears some people want to see me attempt a full let’s play series.. and i must admit it does sound like a fun challenge so for everyone that asked… the 9 of you :)’ I’ve decided to give a lets play ago and go back to one game I’ve not played in years and love to bits; Luigi’s Mansion on the Game Cube. Episode 1 is below with episode 2 coming tomorrow and I’ll fit them between other videos as I go on.

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GARO and the Hexagon

A mix of two things I wan’t to share with you this week. First off if you follow the link on the image you’ll be guided to an interview about the Hexagon, a potential version of Power Rangers Ninja Storm that never happened but would have included old power rangers working as an agency similar to the Goverment and having a plot similar to the Marvel Cival War arc.
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Why You Should Watch: Romeo Must Die

Welcome to the new year! I’m approaching the 1 year anniversary of Ryatta Reviews but for now; a new episode of Why You Should Watch! Enjoy! Now if Warner Brothers would stop copyrighting my videos!!! Have they not herd of the fair use act?

Movie1080TitleCard - Romeo Must Die

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