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Going Regular…

So the last 5 days since my video went up have been quite exciting. First off it managed to reach the 9th overall spot on N4G for that day and it getting close to hitting 1,500 views on youtube so thats all great news.

It also generated alot of discussion and overal made for a good stat on video content. In case your wondering my next piece won’t be a big or a top 10 but a review of the currently Japanese only Phantasy Star online 2 to see how I handel that type of content.

I will also be creating a Top 5 reasons to watch Power Rangers RPM as a tribute to my love of that show and something looing at music in video games but I’m still locking down my direction in that.

So in order to try and gain some sort of routine I’ve decided to keep to posting new reviews once a week and if possible having at least one of them a month be a video until I get more experienced at making them.

Anyway check back soon for a new review 🙂

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt


Top 10 Video Game Cutscenes

So I’m back with my first proper video. Created for inMotionGaming I present my top 10 video game cutscenes.

Created by inMotion Gaming.

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Ouya: Support a new form of games console!

Right now on kick starter Ouya is looking for backers and by the thousands its getting them!

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What I’ve been up to…

So as everyone may have noticed updates have been coming a little slower as of late. this is in partly due to creating video content which is taking longer then expected as i work to find the best ways to make everything.

I plan to make eventually have a more 50/50 based site for videos and text reviews. I may also be dabbling into looking at graphic novels for content that’s relevent to what I already write about.

I hope to have some new content coming to inMotionGaming very soon, so regulars that also visit there might see more of my work pop up.

That leaves me… more importantly the name ‘Ryatta’ which due to my branching out on the sites I publish for I will now be using my real name as well the sudonym together on posts to avoid confusion where sites before have used either one of teh other…

So I hope to see you all back here soon for interesting new content

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt’

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