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Kiba: Gaiden (GARO) Review

Back again.. and now I’m tackeling GARO… or at least a side story of the show…

GARO as a franchise is doing quite well as a franchise at the moment. The first major film Red Requiem hit the cinemas, the second series Makai Senki finished and now a second film following that has been announced. So lets look at Kiba Gaiden, a DVD spin off released to co inside with the first film’s release that explores the origins of the villain of the original series Barago, or Kiba the Dark Knight

KIBA: ANKOKU KISHA GAIDEN (Kiba: Dark Knight Side Story)

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Being Arty… Something a little different

So on a side note I’ve reciently opened up a store front on RedBubble for the random art work I do in my spare time. Its not that arty, more 3D renders of props and characters I create but even if your not looking to buy things go take a look and leave comments about what you like and dislike.

There’s only 3 things so far but I’ll be getting more as I search my hard drives and up res it all for the site.. In the mean times here’s a small slide show of work.. and the Kiba Gaiden review will be coming in a few days with a big announcement as well.

My RedBubble Page

David ‘Ryatta’ Wyatt

10,000 strong!

Earlier today I hit 10,000 views so i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has read and watched my work and I hope you all continue to enjoy it!!!


Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances Review Commentary

So I wanted to do a test of my micĀ  set up so i thought i would talk a little about my initial impression on Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances. Its a rough edit and was unscripted being more of a VLog but we all have to start somewhere. So i hope you enjoy!

Special Review: ROCK OF AGES

Interrupting my usual schedule I’m giving you a review of Rock of Ages… because it’s awesome.


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Tactical intervention: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 4

OK now for the 4th and final (for now) of the First Looks from inMotion Gaming. Take a look at Tactical Intervention

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Clones: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 3

Carring on the trend of first looks this time were looking at Clones, on my review side you have Kiba Gaiden to look forward to coming soon!

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Noxious: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 2

Carrying on the week of inMotion Gaming Videos here’s a look at Noxious

Created by inMotion Gaming.

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Tribes Ascend: inMotion Gaming: First Look Episode 1

So I’m adding videos from inMotion Gaming now as a site I write for and because they game related content produced for the site is very well done so today i present the First Look series starting from Episode 1 which covers Tribes Ascend:

Created by inMotion Gaming.

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Your Dream Games?

So what’s your dream game? With PhotoShop in almost every house with a computer nowadays you can create an image to support any dream project you might have, from cross overs to games so random you never thought you’d see anything like it.

But what’s yours? Have you ever made fan art to promote an idea of fake a ‘leaked” game?

Share your favourites if you have any or just your ideas to get everyone started… Above is one of my favourite mocked up images I’ve seen over the past week


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