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Video Reviews and Top # Lists

Hey everyone.

I’ve been looking into doing video reviews for the site, starting with top # lists as its a good way to get started. For any other readers that do videos do you have any suggestions when it comes to recording the audio side? I tend to have issues when my voice gets recorded at a slightly higher pitch then it actually is, which I then have to post edit.

Any thoughts or advice on this? I won’t be doing HD to start off with and I might host on somewhere other then youtube as I’ve herd alot of people have had iissues with banning of videos that review and use clips from films, games etc


My Thoughts On: Power Rangers Samurai / Super Samurai

So instead reviewing any particular episode.. though I may do that at some point I wanted to just share my thoughts about the series as a whole… or in this case both Samurai and Super Samurai as there basically the same show.

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CamCon 2012: Banzaie’s Gaming Talk

Benzaie of That Guy With The Glasses and Blistered Thumbs fame did a little informal talk on his work for an hours which I attended.

*UPDATE – Benzaie was nice enough to point me to the making of video of Computer and Spaceman on twitter. So I’ve added that. Oh and his twitter is @Benzaie_tgwtg
You can also follow me too 🙂 @Darida_Ryatta

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CamCon 2012 Vlog and Other Videos

So heres my account for the CamCon event along with some of teh other videos  shot. Don’t take teh Vlog too seriously just yet as I’ve still got to work out some audio kinks.. the fish tank background noise isn’t easy to remove compleatly… I’ll invest in a proper mic to see if that help with the issue.. Filming in a different room will probably also help 🙂

Anyway here’s my account of the day in Vlog form, as well as videos of the Safe Haven talk, The Maid’s of England dance and a tour of the merch room… where mos of teh guests were when not on stage.

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CamCon: I Have Returned… and media will follow!

So over the week I’ll be putting up various media from the CamCon event I attended on last Saturday. This will include a Vlog i recorded when I got home, pictures, summary of interviews andvideos a plenty.

Most of these will be posted on youtube soon so you may see them first there as i get them up, the talk with Benzaie on gaming will take  few days to edit together as the camera managed to both run of of memory and batteries during the talk so i’ll write sumaries of what happened between blackouts!

All in all though it was a good weekend and so heres a few pictures I took of the event and guests during my time there:

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CamCon 2012 — See you all there!

Hey everyone.

I’ll be attending CamCon tomorrow in Cambridge. Its a full day event covering everything from comics and manga to gaming. Tickets are still available from £10 and cover the whole day, even the 16+ part of the show which is in the evening.

If you can get to Cambridge by for tomorrow then i suggest atending, theres a nice diversity of guests and TGWTG reviewer Benzaie will be there as well so I hopefully see a few of you there!

The CamCon Official Site


Volcano High

Volcano High has a troubled history; famed for a rather harsh and horrid (yet funny as hell, if for the wrong reasons) from being dubbed over by a bunch of rap artists; courtesy of MTV, in a rather badly cut mess. However that isn’t going to be the subject of this review. I’m looking at the original full cut of the film that was released in Korea. Not the highly cut and edited MTV version of the UK cut (which fairs alot better)


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WATCH Turbo: The Movie

So I have the volcano review coming tomrrow but for now heres a little something else to keep you all busy until then. A video game based film that shows a remarkable insight into the future of gaming creating a system not unlike kinect and shows a way how something like Street Fighter might evolve down the line. I give you Jarrett Conaway’s Turbo. Starring Justic Chon from the twilight films.. but don’t let that put you off.. its a great little film with some wonderful effects.

Also so theres no confusion.. this is TURBO: The Movie… not TURBO: A Powers Rangers Movie!!!

TURBO: The Movie

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Videos Page

I’ve added a videos page now I’m starting to gain momentum with media on the site. Theres no full video reviews yet butthat will come in time.

For now I’ll add gameplay videos and films from my WATCH posts for easy browsing.

So far I have a few films and a series on there and over time I hope that will increase to a much bigger amount.


WATCH: Volcano High (Subbed Original Korean Cut)

This next week’s review is possibly my most obscure choice yet. Its a persional favourite of mine and one that American readers might know of through its aweful MTV dub. Anyway alot of you still won’t have seen the original film but thankfully its watchable in full on youtube so i’m giving you the chance to watch it before you read the review…

WATCH: Volcano High

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Star Fox Intro Remake Tribute

So I found this awesome tribute to the original Star Fox games made by rickonami…

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Avengers Assemble

I went to see the Avengers (Avengers Assemble for me in the UK) over the weekend and it’s really something you just have to write about, so putting this week’s review on hold for a few days here’s a look at the Avengers… SPOLIERS!!!… You were warned.


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