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Dark Souls

It may be a long time coming but it’s time to talk about Dark Souls. Its been out a while now and getting a PC release soon too so lets discuss it properly…


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Command and Conquer Alliances Gameplay

So I found myself getting and invite to play the BETA of the new browser-based Command and Conquer Alliances game.

Ironically after paying around for a few hours i decided to make a video showing some of the features of the game. It plays more like a tower defence game with more strategy game like elements which makes it quite interesting. As an old school C&C fan I decided to give it a go and see how the series has changed with Tiberium Wars being the last entry in the franchise I devoted serious time to.

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WATCH: Uncharted: The Movies

So earlier Morphinapg of Reddit took apart the 3 Uncharted games and made then into movies for your enjoyment. There’s game play included when exposition is spouted of but otherwise its pretty well done, akin to the Shenmue movie that was released with the Xbox version of Shenmue 2.

So here are the movies for your enjoyment and here’s a link to the original post (Original Post)

Oh I have no current plans to review the Uncharted games but so you know my opinion on them I’ll quickly sum up the my thoughts. The Uncharted games are to date one of the best examples of scripted and cinematic game play that provides fantastic action and set pieces with well-rounded fun characters voiced and acted by an exceptionally talented cast… Its Nolan North so nuff said!

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5000 visitors… normal service will resume next week.

Hey everyone,

I know I’ve been quiet but I’ll be back again this week starting with Dark Souls and possibly I’ll also show off some gameplay footage of the new Command and Conquer online game as I’ve been playing the BETA.

Also I hit 5000 views over night last night which is awesome.. average views has shot up since Easter and I hope everyone will continue to read on and enjoy everything.


Super Exciting Important Announcement!!!



That is all 🙂


Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Part 3

So today makes the end of my look at the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series, it’s been fun but next week I’ll be moving onto media anew butuntil then lets look at some fan faviurites from the MK universe.

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One the WTF side of April Fools

So i wanted to share my favourite april fool joke that i found yesterday.

While i generally find myself sarching through all the video game based media to see what we’ve been thrown this year my favourite one this time was taken by a Power Rangers perfume… or Morphume as they call it…

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