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Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Part 2

The mid episodes of the series are a mixed bunch, while some seem to hold them as the worst episodes of the show others view one particular episode to be the best the whole series has to offer. Either way the second 2 parter took the series in a direction most fans didn’t like and hopefully for the coming film will be addressed. You’ll soon see why this is the case and why I happen to believe that the Raiden episode is one of the most beautiful works of drama a short film can be.


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WATCH: Mortal Kombat Legacy: The Complete Series

Seeing I’m currently working my way through Mortal Kombat legacy and its a free to watch web series i though having the videos in a post so that you can watch them all first… Given that i’m generally quite spoiler heavy with my reviews.

On the flip side if I’ve made one episode seem interesting you can now watch it here.. and as an added bonus you can now watch the original pilot Mortal Kombat Rebirth at the bottom of the post.

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Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Part 1

Today I start another on-going series of reviews like last seasons LXD reviews. This time I’m looking at the online web series Mortal Kombat Legacy.


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Unlucky Stars: IndieGoGo Campaign

OK you all know I’m a big action film fan and i do feel like old school martial arts films are starting to become a little bit of a rarity which is a sad thing. However there are still people passionate about the genre and I believe in supporting these film makers and martial artists as best I can so I present to you Unlucky Stars! There looking for backers to complete the film here.

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Kung Fu Panda 2

Now I may have mentioned this before but I’m an animator; I love animation in all forms and yet I’ve not managed to review an animated film yet… probably because I generally focus on action films but all that changes today with Kung Fu Panda 2; it’s animated, its action packed and its Dream Works… but is it any good?
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The Original Top 5 Toku Shows to Watch

Ok so I’m digging out my first article that i wrote for adventures in poor taste, though it got heavily edited and changed without my approval. Amoung the changes made were cutting out and re writing lines, adding videos (which are compleatly wrong in the Rescue Force case) as well as adding a few sex jokes because they thourght they had too… I would never write like that. So i in no way condone what they did as i gave no permission on it.

So for your appreciation hers the original version:


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Top 5 Upcoming PC FPS Games for 2012

So it looks like this article I wrote for another site has been forgotten about so I’ll stick it up here instead as I was planning on making one of my week’s updates., so another PC top 5 list for you:


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Pirate Sentai Gokaiger: The Finale (Episodes 50/51)

Gokaiger has finally come to a close, and what a year it’s been has finally come to a close, and what a year it’for Sentai! While it’s not hard to see that the show has been nothing short of nostalgic bliss as well as all round entertaining but what the finale as good as what the lead up to it had been promising or was it not able to match its quite wonderful legacy that precedes it?


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What I’m up too

So this week I might have chosen to do a bunch to topics that have left me writing more then I planned, hence why updates are a little sparse, seconded with my guest articles still not being published yet.

So to make up for it all I will be attempting to post an up date a date for the next week… this probably won’t happen on the weekend but I’ll still try to get something out. For the moment you can look forward to the Gokaiger Finale review that will be dropping sometime tomorrow!


Jak and Daxter HD Collection

I’m back on InMotionGaming again today with a review of the latest HD collection on the PS3: Jak and Daxter 1,2 and 3. Hopefully it will inspire you to get this collection as every game on it is pure gold of the highest standard!

The Jak and Daxter HD Collection


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