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Sonic Adventure 2

In a little break from the RPGs I wanted tackle something I liked but a lot of other people are far more critical about and Sonic Adventure 2 fits this description perfectly; Sonic games seem to have hit their ‘3D’ high point while Generations success, could be argued, is down to the series taking a step back ass opposed to trying to progress forward… But the franchise as a whole is a discussion best left for another time… for now here’s Sonic Adventure 2:
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Top 5 Upcoming Strategy PC Games of 2012

Here’s a quick little article I did that’s gone up on

Top 5 Upcoming Strategy PC Games of 2012

its only a small article but the first of 5 mini articles I’ll be doing for the site, so enjoy!


Gokaiger Vs Decade Part 2 on henshin Justice!

Hey all,

Its a slow week I know but I’ve been on holiday! Still there are guest articles on their way that I’m waiting to be published so in the mean time Part 2 of my Gokaiger Vs Decade analysis has found its way onto Henshin Justice Unlimited… Go pay the site a visit and read the article if you haven’t already!








Kamen Rider Decade Vs Pirate Sentai Gokaiger Part 2



Once again award time is upon us and you might have noticed that one of the bigger names on the list of nominations is last years last release ‘Hugo’. Unfortunately it seems that a lot of people may have originally missed it due to a certain vampire film being released around the same time, so for the purpose of this review I’ll go light on the plot as the DVD is out soon and with all the award nominations its likely to get your attention again.

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Review: Season 2!

Hey everyone,

Here’s my complete list of reviews for the coming months, I’ll be getting one done at least once a week, while weeks with fewer articles might see a review appearing early.. all the more reason to subscribe!

Anyway in no perticular order here’s what’s coming up:

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One Month Old

So today RyattaReviews is a month old! So I have to think everyone who’s come and visited the site as I was told a it was good if I managed to hit a couple of hundred visitors for the first month but I’m happy to say I can add a thousand on top of that!

Thanks to all the subscribers, some new and others who followed me from TGWTG, Over the next weeks I’ll get getter my season 2 review list up as well as sending out some new articles focusing around Jak and Daxter, Naughty Dog and publishing the Hugo reviewer and to top it off my look at the finale of Pirate Sentai Gokaiger!

So keep looking back as the site gets bigger and bigger!


Crying Freeman

So finishing off my first season of reviews we get to Crying Freeman, a film adaption of the manga of the same name.  Starring Mark Decascos in a perfect, yet highly underused role of the titular assassin. With comic adaptions being such big crowd drawing features in the current movie climate how does this film stand against other film adaptions.

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5 Obscure RPG’s You Must Play

Today a new article went up on Old School Apps that I wrote a little while ago, looking at Obscure RPGs that you might not know.. especially if you live outside Japan and the US.

So go and give it a read here, some of these will be covered in more depth in future reviews.

5 Obscure RPGs You Must Play


Now on Henshin Justice Unlimited

Hey everyone,

My Gokaiger and Decade articles are appearing on HJU!

you can see them here:

Kamen Rider Decade vs Pirate Sentai Gokaiger

Too Human

Too Human, created by Silicon Knights, has something major in common with Duke Nukem Forever, in that its development time approached almost a full decade. It originally started life off as a title for the Playstation that was to span 4 disks, though with Silicon Knights acquisition by Nintendo production shifted to the Gamecube, however it eventually got left behind and Microsoft had them finish development on it as an XBOX 360 exclusive game. The game was bad, so it shares that with Duke Nukem Forever as well… but was it really that bad a game overall? I’m not so sure…

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Kamen Rider Decade Vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Part 2

In part 2 of my look of the two anniversary series I’ll be looking at the antagonists of the shows and how they end overall, including decades original ending, the ret-conned ending and the Last story in the Decade/W movie Wars

Part 1 Here:

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Kamen Rider Decade Vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Part 1

So here comes my big piece comparing the Tokusatsu anniversary shows Kamen Rider Decade and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. its a lengthy read so I’ll be splitting it into two posts for more managed reading. Anyway its pretty spoiler heavy so be warned if you’ve not seen Decade or are not up to date with Gokaiger

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Next week on Ryatta Reviews

So with the publishing of two articles I created this week its been the biggest week in my site history with people coming to view the site from all sorts of new places and a special thanks to Brendon at In Montion Gaming who’s gone above and beyond to get my resident evil article out in the web!

Article wise i’m currently still writing my Gokaiger and Decade comparison that’s actually now longer then my dissertation (6000 words and counting) and will be starting the Too Human review that’s next on my site list.

So thanks for every ones support so far! I hope you keep on reading.


Resident Evil: Finding the Fear

Another article published by In Motion Gaming, looking how in Resident Evil the use of horror and fear inducing elements has changed in evolved over the series.

Read the full article: Resident Evil: Finding the Fear here


The LXD Season 1 Review: Part 3

So this is the third and final part of my LXD season 1 review, and what follows are without a doubt the best episodes of the first season based on pure entertainment value. It starts to hit a bit on the comedy side here as well as throwing up a familiar face if you’re a GLEE fan.

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