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The LXD Season 1 Review: Part 1

For those of you who don’t know the LXD or Legion of Extraordinary Dancers is an online web series created by John Chu, and while you may have seen them perform on TV or along side the Glee cast at concerts their web series is more then just performances, its a about people who can harness powers through dance and use it to fight a number of evil groups harnessing this power for evil. Though the first series is a series of short stories essentially introducing the heroes of the franchise, each one mostly self contained and more in style to a music in most cases.

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Not just Reviews!

Hi everyone,

New reviews might be a little slower then usual as over the next week I’ll also be writing articles for a few other sites, and while they’ll be hosted else where you’l see the link’s to them here along with everything else.

And in between that you’ll see my next review come in 2 parts as I cover the first season of the on line Web series the LXD or Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Also in the future you can look forward to another Power Rangers based review as that’s my highest request subject by far!… not decided what yet but I’m you’ll al suggest stuff for me to cover.


Kamen Rider W Returns: Accel

Now a lot of people aren’t going to be familiar with this film choice. The Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider W (Double) had been a great success after the rather horrid Rider season that preceded it. It did so well in fact that the titular character appeared in a number of Rider films in cross over, as well as having their own films. However Toei decided to have two direct to DVD, or V Cinemas about the secondary Rider of the series Kamen Rider Accel and the villain of the movie Kamen Rider Eternal, but today’s subject is just the first one:

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Movie Posters

Something i wanted to share from my Forbidden Kingdom Review, while I was doing research I came across all the posters that were made for the foriegn releases, they look awesome and i hate that none of them were never shown on display in the UK. So heres a small selection, of them, ifyou want to see bigger desktop background sizes just google it as there everywhere.


Also next review is Kamen Rider W Returns: Accel! So see you then


Forbidden Kingdom

So imagine this, its 2007 and you see a trailer for what had the potential to be one of the greatest martial arts films of the decade, potentially all time. It, for the first film, had Jackie Chan and Jet Li starring together in a big fantasy action epic. Well I never saw a trailer for it again; somehow it went straight through the cinemas in the blink of an eye lid… and I was more than a little annoyed. Still I eventually got the DVD; saw the film and it became one of the greatest martial arts films I’d ever seen, but with the benefit of experience how does it hold up? Let’s have a look:











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When a film isn’t what you remember

While re watching Forbidden Kingdom for my review it occurred to me that the quality of the film, in particular the fights, weren’t what I remembered. While the highlight of the film is the mid film fight between Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s characters, the drunken immortal and silent monk. Anyway I don’t know if it’s because since 2007 I’ve seen work of so much higher quality from the two of them .. most notably Jet Li  with Donnie Yen in Hero.

I’ll delve into it in full in the review but I think small things here and there that the first time I either didn’t notice of just didn’t care as the film is entertaining, and funny as hell in places. But i wonder how many people find a film that really still feels the same to watch even after a few years have passed, whether it’s seeing it for the second time or just something you watch a lot. what films stand up still in your eyes?


Power Rangers Samurai: Clash of the Red Rangers The Movie

Following on from my review of the first episode of Power Rangers RPM’s first episode review; seemed fitting to cover what at this point may well be the last appearance of the RPM rangers. Now before I start I have more than a few issues with this ‘film’, however my issues are personal but the issues are justifiable, even to me but I’ll get to those later.

Clash of the Red Rangers is a team up TV movie between the RPM Red Ranger (Ranger Operator Series Red in the shows terminology) and Power Rangers Samurai, only Series Red RPM ranger and the RPM ultrazord appear aside from some of Vendrix’s army, however aside from grinders the villain is a new character. The movie is a mash up of 2 Super Sentai movies; the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger movie, Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger and new American footage.











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On the subject of Power Rangers

So it seems that my review of power rangers is far more popular then i expected it to be; gaining the most views and comments where ever I post it’ and for TGWTG readers i will be adding my Clash of the Red Rangers Movie review to here soon as well.

Is this an area where you’d like to see more focus, kid’s shows, Power Rangers of just the RPM series in general?

Let me know! leave a comment if you have a suggestion…

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Today I’m looking at Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, the 3 game in a currently abandoned series by CAPCOM. Onimusha is a great series that just unfortunately never made the sales to keep new games coming out. While not an RPG either, the earlier titles having more in common with Resident Evil games, they do incorporate more RPG elements as the series goes on enough to warrant reviewing as well as the poor sales leading to an under appreciated series that needs more attention.

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My First Season

Hi everyone,

So I’ve got my first handful of reviews up, hope you you’ve liked what you have read so far. I’ll get the others up over the next few days which will get the site up to date. So look forward to a few more reviews soon; first of will be Onimusha 3: Demon Siege.

Here’s a look at what’s coming over over the next few weeks which will conclude my first season of reviews:

Forbidden Kingdom (Review of the fantasy epic starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li)

  • Kamen Rider W Returns: Accel (My first Tokusatsu Review of the Kamen Rider W spin off)
  • LXD Season 1 ( a two part look at the first season of the web series)
  • Too Human (The “years in development” critical failure for the Xbox 360 from Silicon Knights)
  • Crying Freeman (Film adaption of the anime, starring Mark Decascos)

Thats what you have to look forward to, and I’m always looking for suggestions for what comes up next, I’ve already made half the list.

In the mean time if you want to see more from me visit my TGWTG profile here:


Power Rangers RPM: Episode 1: The Road to Corinth

I was a big Power Rangers fan in the 90s, millions of kids were and I was at the younger age of Bandai’s (PR owners for first 10 years) target audience. I drifted off after a few years with a few occasions bringing me back to watch specials, the killing of Zordon, the 10 Red Ranger team up anniversary episode, Tommy’s return for the 12th season, you the idea but Power Rangers RPM (17th series) was first and to date only series I’ve ever found myself watching every week for the duration of the series run.

As a change to my general formula for this review I’m going to try and explain why RPM was so revolutionary to Power Rangers (all my opinion but I believe a lot of my views are shared) as I narrate the events of the first episode and discuss a broader area of information relating to the future of the series, PR in general and Super Sentai (The Japanese series PR uses footage from, I’ll assume you’re familiar with the general ideas of what’s borrowed from the Japanese counterparts.)








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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Arrival

Anyway Arrival is the final DLC released for Mass Effect 2 and supposed to the start of the bridging between Mass Effect 2 and 3, along with various other spin off media. After the bucket load of awesome that was the Lair of the Shadow Broker everyone was expecting excellence in all areas, and does it deliver something unforgettable? Ultimately…  No.

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Right, first off lets clear up any confusion you might have by the title; I’m not talking about last years (2011) film Drive, that stars Ryan Gosling, nor am I referring to the very short lived TV series that starred Nathan Fillion (though that was awesome itself). I’m talking about the 1998 film DRIVE starring Mark Decascos (yep the Iron Chef) and Kadeem Hardison. It was a direct-to-DVD release and if you’ve seen it your opinion will probably be affected by what region you bought the film in…











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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Lair of the Shadow Broker

I don’t think it’s a huge leap to say that the Lair of the Shadow Broker is the crowning jewel of the Mass Effect 2 DLC released so far. It gives a big expansion to the Shadow Broker, a character, like the Illusive Man from the first game who was a major plot point early in the game and follows on from dialog Shepard and Liara have in ME2.











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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Overlord

So… Mass Effect 2, played it? I have now several times, and a recent replay on the game from start to finish over Christmas gave me a completely different view then what I had before.

I’ll cover what I consider the main 3 DLC packs; Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival. I don’t count Kasumi’s DLC or other Ceberus network packs as there overall impact on the story is minimal.

Worth mentioning beforehand is that I’m playing with a paragon female Shepard.. yes I’m a guy but Jennifer Hale is an awesome voice actor and more people need to play Shepard as female, I also believe her voice serves better for the paragon Shepard… anyway back on point










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